CS 597 Scientometrics Research (Summer 2022)

This interdisciplinary research experience is a composite of (i) critical evaluation of relevant scientific literature, (ii) application and extension of of methods to interrogate large graphs, and (iii) scientific discovery. A core component is extending the state of the art in clustering methods to detect research communities that assemble around related scientific questions. Particular attention […]

CS 598 Computational Scientometrics (Fall 2022)

[under construction] Instructors: George Chacko & Tandy Warnow Title Section CRN Type Hours Times Days Location Computational Scientometrics GGC 43665 S10 4 0930 – 1045 M W   3117 Everitt Laboratory  Objectives: This graduate course is centered around applying quantitative analytical techniques to problems in scientometrics that concern research metadata, particularly citations. The course consists […]