CS 598: Homework Assignment-2

Influential Literature In Computational Scientometrics

a) The purpose of this assignment is to crowd-source the identification and study of influential, interesting, and stimulating literature in this area. Examples of such literature can be found in the course reading list. Each registered student should nominate two journal articles outside the reading list with one paragraph explaining the reason for nomination. Students have the freedom to nominate articles that describe new technical approaches, new concepts, challenge existing concepts, or present novel analyses. The reason for nomination should reflect a through reading of an article that exceeds interest derived from scanning the title and abstract. (Due by 11:59 pm on 9/21/2022)

b) Links to these articles will be posted on a web-page by the instructor along with nomination statements (de-identified). (9/23/2022))

c) Each member of the class votes their top 5 articles from the list in b). (9/30/2022). Votes will be tallied and the top 5 articles will be discussed in October and November 2022.